Monday, January 9, 2012

Do we have a purpose on this planet?

My mum was 13 years old when my grandfather decided to migrate to China after making his fortune. They live in Indonesia. My mums grandmother was a very rich lady who dine in gold plates. She owned land and plantations. The year was 1944 when my grandfather decided to head back to China. They landed in Singapore and heard the Japanese was at war with China. They stayed in Singapore for awhile. As the war rages on my Grandfather,Grandmother and my mum along with 3 younger siblings headed to Malaysia and ended up in a little fishing village called Pontian. There my Grandfather set up a business.
Not long after ,the Japanese was heading into Malaysia and quickly sweeping across the country heading towards Singapore. My Grandparents and my mum and siblings headed into the jungle and head up towards the highest point. Upon reaching the top of the mountain there were 3 families hiding there already. An elderly lady greeted my grandmother
and told my grandmother that they cannot stay there with them as my youngest uncle was only a baby ( 6months old) and he might cry and attract the Japanese attention.

Sad and disappointed my grandparents headed back downhill and put up the night amongst the thick bushland. Amazingly my youngest uncle did not cry that night.
Came dawn my Grandparents took mum and her siblings and headed up to where they were when they met the elderly lady. Shockingly all the 3 families that stayed the night there were all gunned down in cold blooded massacre!

They survived the war and lost everything....but life is worth much more in gold!

At times I wonder why my families are so lucky to escape such atrocious act of inhumane , unnecessary murder of defenceless families. I question why on many occasions and the reason they survive. Whats the purpose? Is there one for me to fulfilled? I have search and wonder...and done alot of soul searching!
Everyday I thank the heavens I am alive!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Taking risk..................

There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth...not going all the way, and not starting. - Buddha

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


"To forgive others one is to created blessing for oneself"
Forgiving is one of the hardest thing a person can do. Much harder than saying " I am sorry". Is not easy to forgive. I have learnt that when I can forgive I have let go of the pain, the grudge,the demon and nightmares ! It takes alot of hard work to forgive and once I have done that the load is off my shoulder. It become easier and easier to forgive.
I asked myself " why do I need to hold such animosity in me. Why have negative energy in me?

LEARN TO FORGIVE!  I have and I am a much happier person.
Confucious says" when you say you are sorry, look them in their eyes and meant it"
To forgive do it wholeheartedly and with a smile!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Meditation room

This is my sun room and meditation room!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

EVERTHING happens for a reason!

I grew up in Malaysia in a small town  name Batu Pahat ( stone and chisel). Legend was that the town was carved out of stone and chisel. As a kid I had always dreamt of going oversea to study music. My ideal place was to go to the states or UK. On three occasions I actually dreamt of the same scenery of tall buildings and skyscrapers. The scenery was very foggy from where I was looking at. I didn't take much of the same dreams on three different nights.

One day as a young man wandering aimlessly along the road I bumped into a female friend. We spoke and she invited me to join her for a drink at the coffee house. I asked where she has been and was told she was studying in London. She asked if I would go there and she can get me a job! Wow I was very excited and went home asking my parents if I could go. I send a letter to my sister who is in London and told her I was going over there. Within a week she flew back to Malaysia and gave me a cheque and said " this is your money to go to Australia" ( sssssshhhh I was a naughty boy,thats why she doesnt want me to be in LONDON) AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!! Is a huge giant bush land where everything closes at 5pm! And Kangaroos and other dangerous animals lurk in the bush. Well what makes me accepted the cheque was I have a few friends here and what have I got to lose?

I gave everything up or little I have. I have to sacrifice my families, my friends who are like brothers to me. Is a choice I have to make! I packed and have on me Australian $400 dollars to my name. A suitcase in my hand .....I bid my families and friends goodbye. I was young and full of HOPE!

I was actually very surprised when I landed at Melbourne airport how modern it was. I shouldn't have watch the damn skippy show when I was young LOL. My friends met me and took me back to their apartment and out to dinner at China town. I was very excited.
The very next day a friend of mine and I walk from Victoria Street Richmond along Chapel street knocking on all the factories we could lay our eyes on! I was like "Olivier" instead of asking for more food, I was asking if there was a job for me.
We spend the whole day along Chapel street and every side street that have factories! As we were at the very last bit of Chapel street near dandenong road we sat by the Tram stop. We were exhausted and frustrated! My friend pointed to me the last factory and we should have a go. We have knocked on so many doors I think I was just too disappointed to even want to try the last one! I reluctantly went with my friend and with a huge sigh I knock! Out came this HUGE German descend Aussie. His first impressions on his face was " OH NO" not two young kids. I politely asked
" sir do you have any vacancy here" . Herbie paused ! I will call you tomorrow after lunch . The pay is  $5 an hour Herbie said. Yes I will take it.

I waited by the phone , waited and waited! After 12 still no call. 3pm and still no call and I though I have my shower and go out to have some food. Just as I was about to leave ,the phone rung and Herbie asked if I was still interested in the job. Of course I  was, yippy $5 an hour I am rich LOL. Herbie said I will have to start at 6AM. I work hard and saved hard.  I was there for almost 8 months.

After awhile I was getting home sick and decided to pack my bags and get ready to fly home. It was Chinese New years Eve 1983. After work my friend insisted I should go to a club and celebrate the coming new year. I declined up teem times but he was very very persuasive that I gave in and went with him. I am a cheap drunk. I thought to myself since I am here I might as well enjoy myself and have a good time. After my second beer I was very very tipsy! I approached this lady and asked her for a dance. I spend the next 17 years with her after that night.

My lovely x wife then was from the country and she took me to her parents for the weekend. As we were returning home from the country on the Calder Highway my amazement or rather shock, the dream I had many years ago ,the buildings the skyscraper and the foggy view of the city! I was speechless AND  when I told my then wife she was like ..whatever. Was I destined to come to Australia? Even though my dream has always been to go to the states or London!

I have considered myself lucky, fortunate, and work smart. I have two great boys that I adore and love dearly. My sacrifice I have make , I have gain ten folds of blessing.
I believe one has to take  risk and grab at any opportunities that come our way to make our life a better one. It wasn't an easy journey. I went to work , went to night school. Trying to better myself and to give my 2 boys a better life. It has been a journey and everything has happened for a reason. AUSTRALIA is a great country. I would have never wanted  to be anywhere else to live.. I am just glad that I didn't go to the states or London.

I have more than a suitcase now and a few dollars more hahahhhahahahahahaha!The most important thing is   I took the risk and an unfamiliar road.. Fortune favours the brave.

Monday, November 7, 2011

3 years on ....My garden

It has been almost three years since I worked on my Garden to be low maintanence. I have not pushed a lawn mower since! ahooooooooooooooooo There are better things to do in life then mowing lawn every weekend.